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Marketing Analytics – What is it and why it matters

How do you make critical marketing decisions for your brand? Do you leave things to chance or just follow your gut? How do you measure the performance of your marketing strategies? To thrive in today’s highly competitive environment, businesses need a wealth of insight and data to make big decisions about their marketing campaigns and track their performance. This is where marketing analytics comes to play. Read on to learn more about marketing analytics and why it is crucial to your business.

What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics comprises the methods, tools, technologies, and processes that marketers use to evaluate the performance of their marketing strategies. It involves gathering and studying data across all your marketing channels to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and identify where you need to make improvements. In simple words, marketing analytics is like an objective lens that provides a holistic view of your marketing activities and how they are performing. It helps you manage, measure, and analyze your data to make effective marketing decisions.

Why marketing analysis is important to your business

Marketing analytics provides the insight that stakeholders need to make critical marketing decisions. Here are some of the reasons why marketing analysis matters to your business:
• Provides a holistic view of all your marketing activities Marketing analytics gives you a solid view of how each of your marketing channels is performing.
It can also help you understand the effect of one channel on the performance of the other. Additionally, it provides insight into why your results are shaped in a particular way and what you can do to improve your marketing outcome. 
• It helps you predict the future
Marketing analytics empower you with the ability to forecast future leads, sales, opportunities and predict your customers’ behavior. For example, you would be able to predict which marketing channel will perform better and how your customers will react to your campaigns.
• Cut cost and optimize your marketing efforts With insights from marketing analytics, you can concentrate your efforts on what works and rechannel your resources from unproductive activities.

Bottom Line

Marketing analytics are crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. It provides answers to critical questions like—where are my most profitable customers? What kind of ads should I be serving? When should I be engaging my target audience? Using marketing analytics can help you keep track of your marketing efforts, cut costs, and make data-driven decisions that will maximize
your ROI.

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